Goddess Realm – Divine Feminine Tarot Tuesday

Journey to the Goddess Realm – Oracle Deck by Lisa Porter.
This deck is so insightful, and I feel that you genuinely can embody the Goddess once you connect yourself to their message and to their descriptive keywords.
I also love the profound unknown history. Many of these Goddesses, who throughout history have been pushed aside or demonized. Their work has gone largely unremembered and unnoticed by so many.
It’s so beautiful to have a deck of cards that takes us deeper into the realm of these goddesses and allows us to open up our divine feminine side.

Scottish Warrior Goddess Scathach, whose name means “she who strikes fear,” is an expert in the art of combat. She resides at the Fort of Shadows on the Isle of Skye. She’s trained many Heroes and Warriors with her outstanding abilities in sword fighting and Weaponry. She has preferred not to have a concert though she would honorably Grant “the friendship of her thighs” if it suited her. Scathach shows you that your boundaries reinforce your identity. Your boundaries protect you from harm and from draining your energy. Without the use of weapons, we use the tools of communication or words an anagram of “sword” to establish boundaries. Without firm clear and healthy boundaries, you cannot fully shine in your energy.

Scottish Warrior Goddess Scacath – Boundaries

Dream Time Indigenous Australian Sun Goddess Wuriupranili sparks your hope and faith. Her flaming torch made of eucalyptus symbolizes the glow of dawn. With grace, she receives and upholds those dreams and beliefs in her heart as she travels across the sky daily with her torch, the Sun.
Brilliant sunsets are her painting, and red ochre is a symbol of remembrance to her. Wuriupranili offers you’d this flame at to guide your heartfelt journey to your higher self-truth. Your inner healing rituals and practices of “remembering” will summon her subtle and gracious energy of light and direction.

Dream Time Indigenous Australian Sun Goddess Wuriupranili – Direction

The Queen of Sheba, also known as Makita, traveled from Ethiopia to Israel with a train of camels bearing precious spices and gold to seek wisdom and trade from King Solomon. Enthralled by her skill and beauty, he devised a way to conquer her affection. She gave birth to a son after returning to reign her great homeland. Queen of Sheba is here to advise you to be prudent and wise with your dealings and negotiations in the world. Always be fair and artfully enterprising, so everyone wins. Travel could be on the horizon for you.

Ethiopian Goddess Queen of Sheba (Makita) – Negotiation

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