Divine Masculine Tarot Tuesday

Today, as we near the end of not just another year, but a decade, we focus on the Divine Masculine to balance out last week’s Divine Feminine Reading.

Today I chose The Path of the Soul by Cheryl Lee Harnish, as they are Soul Grounding. Their fixed and masculine energy is very decisive. It is important for male, female and non binary people to be open and fluid enough to explore and engage with our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Card 40 – Egyptian Eagle & Bloodstone – Earthly Grounding

Card 40 Egyptian Eagle
Now is the time to release all of your past ideals that no longer serve you. If you have been doing inner work, this card represents its completion and a shift into the new. If you are beginning, this card represents that it is time to begin your inner work. As we make these significant life shifts, those who were once close seemed to drift away. Take time to thank them for the lessons you have shared. Egyptian Eagle offers a higher perspective and viewpoint.

Card 11 – In Flow & Red Goldstone -Passion

Card 11 In Flow
Expression in full Flow. Let yourself be heard; let yourself shine. Time to take center stage. In Flow is all about feeling the universal Flow of energy, joy, creativity, and communication. Sing dance and let yourself be seen in all your glory. Express all those things inside that you would frequently hide from the world.

Card 27 Doves & Tiger’s Eye -Fearlessness

Card 27 Doves
The Doves represent cycling from the old to the new. It is important to remember that you are not alone during these times in your spiritual journey. The Doves are here to remind you to allow the Peace & Love to nurture you through this time of change. You will receive the energy and strength to do what is needed. You are fully supported. Know that it is OK to ask for the support you need. This cycle will end soon, and you will experience the full bounty and beauty of this impressive growth.

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