Cleromancy – Tarot Tuesday

Cleromancy is Divination in the form of Casting Lots. Much like rolling dice, patterns specific to the energy you emit, will give answers. Ever see a ‘lucky shooter’ at the Craps Table? That’s Divine Energy Baby!

I’ve cast three lots of stones. The higher amount of dark or light stones will give you your answer. Sometimes the answer is close and maybe the outcome can be changed, with some work on your part.

The light stones represent – yes.

The dark stones represent – no.

Check out the IGTV video to get your yes or no answers.

If you would like more insight, book me for a Giving Season Reading, on sale now through January 6th, or Little Christmas, the Celebration of La Befana.

Stay tuned for The History of Divination, hOMe base, Popped Culture and more!

All coming in 2020!

Thank You to everyone who has read the blog and has watched my incredible journey in 2019. May the rest of this month be the plot twist you’ve been waiting for. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa.


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