Tarot Tuesday – Earth Healing

The World is on Fire! Literally and figuratively. Energies, both positive and negative have a direct effect on the surrounding environment. Remember, Mother Earth isn’t fragile like a flower, she’s fragile like a bomb, and she’s proving it with the Australia Fires, which is literally the Earth spontaneously combusting because she’s so angry at our mistreatment of her. The earthquakes in Puerto Rico and the rising World tensions and rising climates are about to show us exactly what damage we have done. We are at a tipping point in humanity. We must do better.

I have chosen three Goddesses who I feel will help the most. They each embody the positive and negative traits of humans at this time. We still have a little time to stand up and fight the ignorance plaguing our HOME.

Listen to the messages from my chosen Goddesses for the future of our Planet:


Mother Earth – Gaia

 Ancient Greek Goddess Gaia is our beautiful sentient Mother Earth. Plants, animals, and human beings are connected to her and she is our home. She lives and recycles naturally according to universal law. Humans are the blessed custodians of her well being. She’s the mother of all she gave birth to the ancient Titan’s(The Giants) and the Cyclops (one-eyed Giants). Gaia is often symbolized by the womb and spirals. The Sanskrit OM symbol is representative of the mother of all sounds and that which sustains all is often associated with Gaia she speaks to you through nature. 

Human Aspects of Gaia


Indigenous Australian Dreamtime Goddess

 Dreamtime Indigenous Australians Sun Goddess Wuriupranili sparks your hope and faith.

 Her flaming torch made of eucalyptus symbolizes the glow of dawn. With grace, she receives and holds those dreams and beliefs in her heart as she travels across the sky daily with her torch, the Sun.

Brilliant sunsets are her paintings and red ochre is a symbol of remembrance to her. She offers you this flame to guide you on your heartfelt journey to your higher self’s truth. Your inner healing rituals and practices of “remembering” will summon her to settle the gracious energy of light and direction.

Human Aspects of Wuriupranili


Maiori Goddess Mahuika

 Maiori Fire Goddess Mahuika lived on a flaming mountain. She was convinced by trickster Maui to light her magical fire, one by one from every nail of her hands and feet. He played on her wrath by continually extinguishing each little flame and asking for more. She exploded in anger and caused an enormous fire on Earth. When it burned out magical sparks were saved inside the trees. The kindling sparks of would friction are her symbol. The green He-Tiki figure symbolizes the first Maiori goddesses and gods from the stars. Mahuika cautions you to monitor your anger if you feel people are rubbing you the wrong way. Powerful fire will burn out of control quickly and destroy whatever is in its path. Anger is your sacred fuel and Adrenalin must be used judiciously. Be wise and use your anger as motivation to spark your path.

Human Aspects of Mahuika


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