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Let’s be honest, moving is horrendous. I’ve moved about 45 times in my life and I’m almost 44 years old. That’s a lot of upheavals. Some moves were welcome, but many, like my 2019 move was surrounded by drama. 

Regardless of why I was moving, there are a lot of common factors in every relocation. Letting go of an old home, whether it was good for you or not is difficult, because you were comfortable. Next is moving in, boxes and bags everywhere and getting used to new energy and learning to settle in and harmonize with it. 

I’ve come up with my own ways to organize and maintain some sense of control in a chaotic time. Moving with pets has its challenges, so in no particular order, here are my moving tips:

  • Make Lists list everything you want to do prior to your move. Look through your belongings and see what you can get rid of, trash, donate, sell. List the number of boxes you have during the move to ensure nothing gets lost. List your old and new addresses for quick reference when changing your banking and other information. Put ‘change license and update Voter Registration on that list. 
  • Organize put those lists to use and pack each room individually, and label or number your boxes. I cannot stress enough the importance of organizing your kitchen items. The first few nights in your new home are always takeout, organizing your kitchen can help cut down on the greasy Chinese food and pizza. 
  •  Pack a Suitcase this is my most important tip! Pack a suitcase of the clothes you’ll need for work, play, and everything in between. Jewelry, shoes, accessories and gym clothes. Don’t forget your delicate’s and unmentionables. This trick has saved me from losing it and being late for work the first morning after a new move.
  • Self-Care I cannot stress this enough, do not forget your self-care routines. Gym, meditation, lighting candles or incense, baths, facials and anything else that makes you feel comforted. The cortisol from stress is already raising, and this leads to carb-loading mixed with the traditional moving pizza, we often overlook the importance of maintaining our routines – but this helps create a flow of energy that seamlessly blends the old home with the new home.
  •  Keepsakes and Important Papers Keep your identifications, passports, all of your important financial documentation and your favorite keepsakes with you, if you can. If you can’t make sure to store them in a fire-safe and give a trusted friend or family member an extra key. 
  • Pet Care have water, food, treats, and anything that will help your fur babies have the least traumatic move to a new space. It’s always hardest on our furry friends because they rely on us completely for comfort. The calmer you are, the easier time your animals will have. Make sure to snuggle up with unwashed blankets the first night or two and lower the lights to create a calm and peaceful space.

These are the six things I do with each move. It’s amazing how much I’ve still lost, forgotten, went missing, was stolen, and needed to be replaced. Moving is a fresh start, but we still need our comfort items and rituals to keep a sense of self. Throughout all of my moves, I’ve still felt a sense of loss over one place, and an uneasiness with the new place. It is taking me longer to get used to new things and different places. But I don’t see an end to my moving days yet.


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