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 We all have dreams and goals and things that we would like to accomplish, a bucket list.  For some of us, this includes enough luck to get us through the things we want to do, enough money to have our dreams come true, or the time and money to be lucky enough to travel and experience things in the world others can only dream of.  I find that ‘luck’ and money go hand in hand. We create both energies simultaneously. Create a good flow of energy with Gemstones, which reflect the properties they hold to carry good vibrations in the home. 

Find my thoughts and picks for Gemstones that assist abundance of health, wealth, happiness and safe travels below:


“If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all”. Remember that old saying? Well, forget it now, because of its self-fulfilling prophecy, and the Universe and your entire body react to those words. The word Abracadabra literally translates to “I create as I speak” and that means your reality based upon your words. 

No matter what you think, you have to power to change your luck. Just maintain balance and try not to take too much. 

Greed is what pushes things off balance and makes the rich, richer and the poor more, well, poorer. 

Life is a balance of giving and taking. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; otherwise known as Karma, which is not a bitch unless you are. 

Everything you do, good and bad, will catch up with you – threefold. 

If we take too much, we throw the world off balance with greed and therefore affect the ‘luck’ which is really good or bad energy surrounding us. This is why we have extreme poverty and extreme wealth. 

Gemstones to help with Luck & Balance: 








We often relate our money issues to luck when in fact it is just organization that we are missing because we are caught up in the energy of what becomes our luck.  Saying things such as, “I just can’t catch a break, I have no luck with money, I’ll never have enough money to do the things that I want in life”; we set ourselves up to fail because our minds and our bodies respond to those words and thoughts and feelings. 

 To organize your money situation take a citrine and put it in a Box with a blank check written to you for the Abundance of Life from the Universe. When you find pennies or dimes on the ground that you think is a sign, put it in that Box. 

Gemstones for Money & Abundance:




Crystal Quartz


The two best gemstones for travel are CItrine and Amethyst. Keep Citrine with you so that you don’t spend all of your money at once, your money doesn’t get stolen, and you will focus on things that are more important than what money can buy while making smart purchases.

When traveling you can also carry an Amethyst with you for safety as the Planet Saturn (Air) who’s energy travels through Amethyst, takes control. 

Gemstones for Safe and Happy Travels:



Lapis Lazuli

Rose Quartz





hOMe base

Gemstones for Harmony in the Home:


Crystal Quartz



Black Tourmaline




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