Fitness Friday with JACked Fitness Bodybuilders

Welcome to the world of bodybuilding, where many can relate and only few can understand…

My boyfriend Joshua and I are both personal trainers and fitness instructors with another full time job, competitive bodybuilders. Between the early morning clients and the late night classes, Joshua and myself have to incorporate our own workouts which include two sessions of cardio and one heavy lifting. The hardest part I would have to say is the diet, which consist of a ton of protein, every 3 hours, minus the fun of chocolate. From the late night meal preps, carrying your food around with you everywhere, and eating in your car. But the passion for the sport, makes it more of a lifestyle.

“But why do you do it?” they ask? It’s that very moment you see all your blood, sweat and tears in the mirror, to the very moment you step on the stage and those bright lights are beaming on you. It’s an adrenalin rush that you get so addicted to, that you are already counting down to your next show.

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to have fitness goals. Fitness shouldn’t be short term, but more of a lifestyle. The most important thing we tell your clients is to find balance, where you look good, but also FEEL good and have a social life while doing it.

Let Jacked Fitness help you with your fitness goals. Everything from diet plan, to workout routine and overall health and wellness. Find your beaming light shining down on you…

Get your first class free at XTreme Fitness in Mount Vernon NY.

JACked Fitness Favorites:

Plant Based Protein: Gardien, which can be replaced by organic chicken if you choose to eat animal protein

Favorite protein shake – Dymatize

Favorite Branch Amino Acid or BCAA – XTEND, to be taken during your workout.

Favorite snack – Raw Almonds and Sugar Free Jello

Favorite Sneakers- Nike Huarache

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