108 I Am’s

I Am, is a Mantra that you can recite if you are looking for a self-healing meditation. I Am is a reinforcement of your Inner Light.


Tarot Tuesday – Why are We Drawn to Dramatic Relationships?

I have a theory based on my life and the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained from my experiences. “When we realize that ‘all things happen through us, not to us’ we begin to change our perception, and can then steer our lives in a more positive direction.”

GTW Open Play & Aerial Expansion

Aerial Open Play is at capacity. Thank you to all who are part of the Dakini – Sky Dancer Tribe. In order to accommodate all of our amazing Aerialists, Open Play will be divided into Early and Late, Monday-Friday. Early Open Play will run from 3-4:45 pm Late Open Play will run 4:45-6:30 Aerial Architecture™©Continue reading “GTW Open Play & Aerial Expansion”