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3 thoughts on “ask roe about life advice column

  1. Hi Roe. I’ve been wanting to start a yoga practice, but have a hard time getting me figuring out just where to start. How do you think I should approach this?

    1. Hi Nina,
      Great question. I often find many people have a hard time finding a place to start yoga, because they feel everyone else is already better than them. Here’s the secret, we all suck at yoga from time to time, so if you are hesitant for that reason, remember we all “go to yoga to burn off the crazy”, as we say. Yoga is such a personal practice that means different things to different people. Yoga’s meaning in your life will also change as you change. I was teaching a Family Yoga Class last night, there were 3 students, a mother, son and daughter. The son, about 9 years old looked at me and said, “yoga is a cycle.” Some of my other kid students say the same thing. He had it figured out, yoga, like life is a cycle, there really is no beginning or end. Yoga just is. So I say, get on your mat, and jump into the cycle. It’s fun, we have cookies.

  2. I received a great question about a DIY Body Wrap I created out of all natural ordinary household items.
    This question is from Anissa:
    Hi, I saw your picture on Pinterest for the body wrap using coffee, cayenne, and cocoa butter. I wanting to know about your result and long you left it on.

    Ask Roe Response:
    Hi Anissa,
    I did try the method. It worked about as well as can be expected, giving the skin smooth supple feel, while helping to tighten skin. I would say its a great dupe for the wraps you can purchase. They cayenne pepper and caffeine make it a detox, so be by the shower with lukewarm water to thoroughly rinse. Mix all ingredients well and apply to skin, wrap your covered areas in plastic wrap for about 45 minutes. Be sure to rinse well, and use it 2-3 times a week for optimal results.
    Please be careful near delicate areas.
    See link below and follow Ask Roe on Pinterest

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