Auyrvedic Weight Management with a Western Twist

Ayurveda, known as the Science of Life, is a 5000-year-old method of healing using the body as the healing vessel. To blend this Eastern philosophy with Western life, the Chakra Booster Program was born. Chakra Booster is a weight management, mind, body spirit program to gain and maintain optimal health and can fit in with any lifestyle. Blending Eastern and Western philosophies the program is designed to balance, shed fat and be healthy inside and out. 

More than just food; Yoga, Meditation, Vedic Astrology, Divination, and discussions play a big part in succeeding with health goals. 

Now, let us define a few terms:

Weight; Dosha; Prakruti; Vikruti.

Weight a noun, a verb, a cause for upset, misery, and dieting. However, is it necessary? First things first, the word ‘diet’ contains the word ‘die,’ so we have to be careful about restricting caloric intake and replace that with an intake of nutrient-dense foods that will help balance out the body. 




  1. a body’s relative mass or the quantity of matter contained by it, giving rise to a downward force; the heaviness of a person or thing.
  2. “he was at least 175 pounds in weight.”
  3. synonyms: heaviness, mass, load, burden, pressure, force; More
  4. A piece of metal known to weigh a definite amount and used on scales to determine how heavy an object or quantity of a substance is.


  1. Hold (something) down by placing a heavy object on top of it.
  2. “a mug half-filled with coffee weighted down a stack of papers.”
  1. attach importance or value.
  2. “speaking, reading, and writing should be weighted equally in the assessment.”

The word weight has differing meanings, but each of these meanings can connect to us on a Mind, Body, Spirit level. 






  1. (in Ayurvedic medicine) each of three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity.

The Three Dosha’s are:

Kapha – elements of Earth & Water (endomorph)

Pitta – elements of Fire & Water (mesomorph)

Vata – elements of Air & Ether (ectomorph)

Read more about the Dosha’s here.


The term means “original creation.” The Sanskrit prefix “pra” means “original” and “kruti” means “creation.” A person’s Prakruti is the inherent balance of the three doshas at the moment of their creation. It is at this moment that a person’s physiological and psychological tendencies become fixed. 


Vikruti means “after creation.” The Sanskrit root “vi” means “after” and the root word “kruti” means “creation.” A person’s Vikruti is the state of the three doshas after the moment of conception; it is the current state of health an individual is in, including imbalances.

When we are balanced, we are in an “at ease” state and can function well, work production is on point, and we are getting proper rest and REM sleep. When we are imbalanced we are in a state of “dis-ease“; disease, get it?

The Chakra Booster Program is a great way to kick health into high gear. This program is a blend of Eastern and Westen philosophies for a complete understanding of how we can work with our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Roseanne’s Secrets to Weight Management: (a blend of modern, Easter & Westen philosophies)

  1. Eat – according to Dosha (Prakruti) and adjust when your Vikruti is off. Eat carbs when needed for fuel.
  2. Drink64+ ounces of water per day, or half the body weight in ounces of water.
  3. Fast – weekly, on the personal fast day, or intermittent 2-3 day fasting, monthly. Reset the body and the digestive system, or Agni with fasting for optimal health. Fasting will help with intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is eating the good for you foods you crave.
  4. Keto Coffee – the only safe Keto, to help burn fat rather than muscle. The MCT Oil (medium-chain triglycerides) helps burn fat for fuel while spiking brain function. 
  5. Fresh fruits and vegetables – according to Prakruti and Vikruti.
  6. Lean proteins/protein shakes – help keep the body active and moving well.
  7. *Kitchari – to clean out the system. Kitchari is rice and Dal blend to help maintain digestion. 
  8. *Agni Tea – to help digestion also known as CCF Tea (cumin, coriander & fennel tea)
  9. Yoga and other exercises – for endorphins, strength, and flexibility.

*SOURCE/Recipe: The Ayurvedic Institute.

Group Program begins October 1 and goes through the Holidays to ensure goals are obtained and satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact Roe here, mention this blog and get 10% off your purchase.

There is so much more to Boosting the Chakras than food choices, this program is a group effort to support each other and create a community of Self-Healing.

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