Validate Victims Voices – A Grassroots Movement

I, like countless others of you, have always hit a gray area, a depressing void in our legal system’s response where the victim’s rights are lost in the shuffle.


Crown Chakra – Sasharara

The Crown Chakra or Sasharara – the ‘Seat’ or ‘Throne’ of God, sits atop the Head. A Vibrant Violet associates it to the Thousand Petal Lotus. The Crown Chakra is the ‘center to which one attains liberation.’ The Sasharara must wait for the Third Eye to be ready and stable to open up to theContinue reading “Crown Chakra – Sasharara”

The Mind is Mightier than Any Weapon

  How to Work Smarter, Not Harder We all run into situations that knock the life out of us. Things we get so emotionally involved with, that we don’t realize we have all the tools we need to take back our power. Over the years, I’ve had my share of intense situations, and lately, I’veContinue reading “The Mind is Mightier than Any Weapon”