Tarot Tuesday – Introspective

What’s the one thing you do every day that brings you peace? Tarot Tuesday is introspective, this week.


Cleromancy – Tarot Tuesday

Cleromancy is Divination in the form of Casting Lots. Much like rolling dice, patterns specific to the energy you emit, will give answers. Ever see a ‘lucky shooter’ at the Craps Table? That’s Divine Energy Baby! I’ve cast three lots of stones. The higher amount of dark or light stones will give you your answer.Continue reading “Cleromancy – Tarot Tuesday”

Goddess Realm – Divine Feminine Tarot Tuesday

Journey to the Goddess Realm – Oracle Deck by Lisa Porter. This deck is so insightful, and I feel that you genuinely can embody the Goddess once you connect yourself to their message and to their descriptive keywords. I also love the profound unknown history. Many of these Goddesses, who throughout history have been pushedContinue reading “Goddess Realm – Divine Feminine Tarot Tuesday”