Tarot Tuesday ๐Ÿ’š Anahata

The three parts of the Heart and the Gemstones that will help you heal. Never give up the LOVE. A quick reading from my hotel in NYC, I hope you enjoy it! Ask Roe About Life on IGTV Happy Tarot Tuesday ๐Ÿงฟ Advertisements


Glamping with Pets

Ask Roe About Life BlogGlamping with Pets March 5, 2019 How to Take the Stress Out of Travel with Pets Pet Care on the Road Travel, especially when driving, is exhausting and stressful on a good day. Now add in pets who are used to one particular way of life, and you may run intoContinue reading “Glamping with Pets”

Glamping in Arctic Weather

Never accuse me of being prissy, I’ve been “Glamping” in sub zero temperatures in Pine Bush, NY all week. We’ve had no heat, a leak, another leak and frozen pipes, but finally our equipment has all arrived and we are on our way to a new adventure. I’m definitely over winter. Pine Bush, NY isContinue reading “Glamping in Arctic Weather”