Chakra Booster for Burnout

 Chakra Booster for Burnout

A Seasonal Program

Anatomy Based. Spiritually Charged. Wholly You.

Chakra Boosting is reawakening yourself. This method of alignment through movement, breath, and, flow will leave each Chakra tingling with good vibrations. ~RCS

Read my review of my own program here, and contact me with any questions.


This program is designed to help you center yourself for weight management and a mind, body spirit balance for optimal health. Weight management means finding your optimal healthy weight, and allowing you to decide if that is where you are happy, or if you would like a bigger change.

Centered in Ayurvedic Health and Yoga, I utilize many Ancient techniques and methods to rebuild the deepest parts of The Self and work outward. 

Included with the program:

Weekly 15 minute Booster Chat

Dosha & Proper Dietary Choices

Vedic Birth Chart

Fasting Day

Lucky Gemstone

Yoga – 20 minute Proper and Aligned Yoga Flow

Proper Breath 

Meditation Tools

Music – Playlists via Spotify

Recipes  – Tri-Doshic 

This 12-week program will balance you inside and out with Yoga, Meditation, Chakra Alignment, and Ayurvedic Culinary Arts.

Week 1 – Root Chakra – Muldahara

Week 2 – Sacral Chakra – Svadhithana 

Week 3 – Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

Week 4 – Heart Chakra – Anahata

Week 5 – Throat Chakra – Vissudha

Week 6 – Third Eye – Anja 

Week 7 – Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

Week 8 – Balancing and learning intuitive eating and trusting your mind, body, spirit connection.

Weeks 9-12 – Reawakening your life utilizing the tools we have practiced and making this program your own. Learning to keep up your sacred practices, and the importance of you.

Don’t Be Sac–Relig!


The purpose of this plan is to balance you out with real foods, and natural supplements, as opposed to diet fads and trends. Ayurveda takes time, but necessary time to balance you out and bring you into a state of optimal health or โ€œeaseโ€.

Ayurvedic Information

Ayurveda is the Science of Life, the Science of Self Healing. We are defined, in Ayurveda by our constitution which consists of three Doshas – Kapha, Pitta, Vata. We each have all three Dosha’s within us, but one is always more prominent. Our Prakruti is defined by our main Dosha, which you will learn by taking this assessment here from The Ayurvedic Institute.
Once you know your main Dosha, you are able to make sense of why certain foods and certain elements found in foods can enhance or diminish your health.  

*Ayurvedic Healing is preventative, and can also help lessen the intake of modern medicines, it is not a replacement for your doctor.

Kapha Dosha has the elements of earth and water
Pitta Dosha has the elements of fire and water
Vata Dosha has the elements of ether and air

Three Dosha’s

When our Doshas are balanced we are at ease, when they are imbalanced we are with dis-ease. Learning to balance your body properly through nutrition will help. Ayurveda takes time, it works with the body naturally. You will learn the proper way to eat, according to your Dosha, to gain and maintain optimal health.

 Cleanse with real food. Juicing is a part of staying healthy and is used to boost the metabolism and level out insulin, and maintain optimal health. Juicing from sunrise to sunset on your personal fasting day is the most important part of this program.

A true Vedic diet may be out of reach for many people, so this is a blend of eastern and western philosophies. Using herbs and spices, bringing lots of Earthly healing. This may be a way of life for you, or you may choose to use these recipes on occasion. But you will never know unless you give it a try.  I would like for you to learn the love of Kitchen Pharmacy, and to take the time to prepare your meals with care, so you will understand how important you really are. 

Often we speed through life, and our eating and sleeping habits suffer, therefore our health suffers. Learning to slow down a bit, even 20 minutes a day taken for yourself, to sit and breathe can increase health and wellness. For me, cooking is meditative, and I hope you find some of the same zen in the kitchen as I have found.

This wellness program is designed to help you manage, and control the 4 types of fat found in the body:

1. Brown fat cells, which are considered the “good fat”. It helps keep you warm in the cold and can help burn white fat and other fats when stimulated. Note: brown fat is higher in children than in adults.

2.White fat cells, which store fat can be burned by brown fat cells heating up as in cardiovascular and aerobic exercises.

3.Subcutaneous fat, the cellulite fat, or stubborn belly fat.

4.Visceral fat, the bad fat that grows around the liver, and other organs putting your health at risk. 

This Wellness Program will help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, level out insulin and spike your energy. Here you will learn to balance out living in a fast food world; so you don’t end up so sick from the foods you eat that your life now revolves around pharmaceutical medication to fix it all.

First things first. If you have large amounts of visceral fat, the focus should be on ridding the body of it and the dangers associated with it.  Dietary changes are absolutely necessary. This program WILL change your life. You will learn a lot about yourself and how strong and healthy you can become, and blossom with a renewed sense of self.

This program will also help melt subcutaneous fat. This is the most emotional type of fat we deal with because we can see it, and we often want to give up if we don’t see results immediately. Again, this WILL change your life, a lot of that unnecessary and unhealthy fat will melt away.

Along with the physical health benefits are the metaphysical benefits: 

A calm, clear and focused mind

Better Sleep

Clearer Skin

Stress Management

Anxiety Relief

Depression Relief

Please feel free to contact me with further questions.

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