Grandma Rose’s Pigs in a Blanket

Yes It’s A Cheat Meal, and Well Worth It

This is such a post War Meal. I think she’d been making this dish since the ’50s. I only make it once every few years. I hope this becomes a comfort dish you love too.


Ready in 35 minutes
Serves 8 people

334 calories


  • 8 Hot Dogs
  • 8 slices of bacon
  • 1 cup cooked mashed potato
  • 16 oz. baked beans


  1. Slice hot dogs lengthwise.
  1. Boil potatoes and add cream, butter, garlic & chive, mash.
  1. Scoop mashed potato into sliced hot dog.
  1. Wrap in bacon., and place in casserole dish.
  1. Add beans to casserole dish.
  2. Cook on 375f or 190c for 35 minutes.


Cook sliced hot dogs and bacon for a minute or 2 for a crispier dish. Add crushed potato chips to be extra.

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