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Gypsy Tribe Life & Style

Be Kind Always, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Not everyone will like you. It’s ok, and probably their loss.

Cheers to Cover Girl! This is a huge step forward in using your status towards the greater good.

Burn Sage in metals to enhance vibrations.

Aztec Secret, for the most beautiful skin. Mix equal parts clay and Apple Cider Vinager with “The Mother” and apply to skin evenly. Let dry and remove with warm washcloth. The sink may show some redness for about 30 minutes after removal. Apply night creams as usual.


Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray & Honey Moisturizer are my go to products for the changes fall brings to my skin If you’ve got oliy/combination skin that gets very dry in fall, this combo will give you instant relief and noticeable changes within a few days