hOMe base

Welcome, and thank you for checking out the hOMe base program to help bring 

Harmony into your hOMe

What is hOMe base?

 hOMe base is a program that has been a lifetime in the making — created by Roseanne Carlo, who has been on the move in over forty different homes in almost forty-four years, including spending two months homeless on the road. Add a lifetime of travel for business and pleasure, and you’ve got your average gypsy. As anyone can imagine, this kind of consistent upheaval can cause significant discord in life.

Throughout all of these moves and meeting different people and being in different places and surviving trauma, I’ve learned how to create a harmonious flow for myself and others, my pets, and any guests that enter my space.


This self-exploration is not the most straightforward path, but with the dedication to Self and others, hOMe base is the answer to the question, “how can my hOMe life be more stable?”

Consider hOMe your Root Chakra, your foundation in life. As children, hOMe is a safe space, or at least it should be. A hOMe with fighting, abuse, neglect, and negativity can set you up for Samskara’s, which are ethereal pain bodies that can have long-lasting and often detrimental effects on the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Even the happiest of hOMes can scar us if we are sensitive to specific energies and behaviouralism. 

The hOMe base Program has Divine Design in mind. 

Your Vedic Birth Chart and Dosha are where we begin. Understanding the principles behind your unique Cosmic and Genetic makeup helps bring about a deeper understanding of who you are, and with whom you share your Sacred Space. This program will also help you carve out a small Sacred Space for yourself, to recharge and realign with your-Self.

Cosmic Law and Order is what’s truly in charge. Learning the proper foods, gemstones for protection, self-care, furniture placement, mantra, and deities in the hOMe will put you in line with your Dharma, and help those energies around you to balance out and live Harmoniously. Receive exclusive access to many of my beauty, fitness, and nutrition secrets as well. hOMe base is learning how to live again and radiate as the best version of you. 

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