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Ask Roe June Blog Series – Phytonutrients

june 14, 2018


Machta Powder Power


Machta is very popular in the US.  Made into powder form, it is used in a variety of different ways. Traditionally steeped into tea; with Origins in China and the more associated Japan, this superfood has been making people healthy for thousands of years.


*In China during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), tea leaves were steamed and formed into tea bricks for storage and trade. The tea was prepared by roasting and pulverizing the tea, and decocting the resulting tea powder in hot water, then adding salt.[2] During the Song Dynasty (960–1279), the method of making powdered tea from steam-prepared dried tea leaves, and preparing the beverage by whipping the tea powder and hot water together in a bowl became popular.[3]


Preparation and consumption of powdered tea was formed into a ritual by Chan or Zen Buddhists. The earliest extant Chan monastic code, entitled Chanyuan Qinggui (Rules of Purity for the Chan Monastery, 1103), describes in detail the etiquette for tea ceremonies.[3][4][better source needed]

Zen Buddhism and the Chinese methods of preparing powdered tea were brought to Japan in 1191 by the monk Eisai. Although powdered tea has not been popular in China for some time, now there is a global resurgence in Matcha tea consumption, including in China. In Japan it continued to be an important item at Zen monasteries, and became highly appreciated by others in the upper echelons of society during the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries.

*Source – Wikipedia 


Traditional Machta Green Tea Preparation

Using a Bamboo Whisk & Tea Bowl

Sift 1-2 tsp machta in a small bowl

Add 2 oz. of hot water, not fully boiled

Use the Bamboo whisk to stir the machta powder

Make a zig-zag pattern with the whisk

Enjoy sipping right from the bowl

Sweet Treats made with Machta


Machta Truffles

Machta Smoothie Bowls

Machta Latte

Machta Cupcakes

Machta Pancakes

Machta Chia Pudding

Machta Ice Cream

Machta Macarons



Machta Tiramisu


Savory Machta Treats


Machta Gnocchi! OMG!

Machta Eggs Benedict

Machta Hummus

Check out the entire article in Self Magazine  and get inspired!



Machta Benefits


One of the most unexpected health benefits of matcha tea, is the boost of energy throughout the day. Researchers had thought that this was from the caffeine in matcha, but they found that it was actually the combination of matcha’s natural properties. Another recent study found that matcha even improved physical endurance by 24%. Coffee only increases performance by 15%.


Machta Torches Body Fat

Fights Cancer

Loaded with antioxidants including the all important *EGCg

Detoxifies Naturally

Calms and Relaxes while Naturally Boosting Energy, no jitters

RIch in Chlorophyll and Iron

Enhances Concentration

Enhances Mood

Lowers Cholesterol

Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium


*What is EGCg?

EGCg – Epigallocatechin gallate is a type of catechin found in tea.

Catechins are a natural antioxidants which help prevent cell damage. This helps block the formation of free radicals found in the atmosphere, from causing damage to the physical body.

Free radicals are the cause of cancers, aging and other various diseases. EGCg is one of the most powerful components of machta green tea.

Matcha truly has some Healing Properties.





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Ask Roe June Blog Series – Phytonutrients


June 7, 2018

Red Reishi Mushroom Powder



Red Reishi Mushrooms are a phytonutrient:




plural noun: phytonutrients

  1. a substance found in certain plants which is believed to be beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases.


For thousands of years many Asian cultures have enjoyed the benefits of Red Reishi Mushroom Powder. Also known in China as  Ling-hzi Mushroom, this particular variety is consumed for its medicinal and pharmaceutical properties, and due to it’s very bitter taste, it is  not eaten on it’s own, but is a great addition to your everyday foods. *I add ½ tsp to my morning coffee.


In Ayurvedic Kitchen Pharmacy bitter is one of the 6 tastes of food for optimal nutrition. Along with sweet, sour, salty, pungent and astringent, these tastes help keep us balanced and in good health.

These 6 tastes are supposed to be consumed everyday, and help to keep us balanced. According to Ayurveda, the goal is prevention of illness, but if such an illness occurs, the issue is treated on an individual basis, rather than a general treatment, as we find in Western Medicine.

Illness prevention has always played an important role in my  own life, as I’ve never enjoyed doctor visits and still to this day, try to treat my body in such a way that it is not a welcoming environment to many illnesses.

My Autoimmune issue of Fibromyalgia and my Endocrine illness of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are managed as holistically as possible. I always leave room for western medicine, because for me, my blend of the two modalities works wonders for my optimal health.

The more I’ve brought phytonutrients into my life, the healthier I have become.


The Red Reishi Mushroom, and it’s powder, are considered important to the longevity of the body.

Benefits Include:

Anti-inflammatory – as in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, reduced inflammation in the lungs due to asthma, and can reduce inflammation in the eyes, caused by conjunctivitis.

Red Reishi protects the blood from oxidative damage, which is exposure to high concentration of oxygen free radicals, mostly in the air, that affect our, skin, our organs, and our bloodstream. Oxygen free radicals are atoms with an uneven number of electrons; once these free radicals are formed, they are highly reactive and cause many  cells to die or function improperly and poorly, when they react with DNA.

The Good News; this damage can be undone. Antioxidants, and phytonutrients can safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction affect the free radicals have on the molecules, ensuring no further damage.


Red Reishi Mushroom can help alleviate many ailments The studies conducted in the US, UK, Japan and China, found that Red Reshi Mushrooms have the capability to offer protection against various diseases and illnesses, including:

Fatigue – including chronic fatigue syndrome

Frequent Infections – UTI, upper respiratory, bronchitis


Liver DIsease

Digestive Problems – ulcers, leaky gut syndrome

Autoimmune – Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis/Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s & Addison Diseases.

Viruses caused by HIV/AIDS, flu or hepatitis.

Skin Disorders – acne, cystic acne


Heart Disease, Hypertension & High Cholesterol


Anxiety & Depression

Sleep Disorders – narcolepsy and insomnia


Red Reishi Mushroom works as an immune modulator, the Red Reishi brings the body back to homeostasis.




  1. the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

This process regulates the activity of the immune system and restores hormonal balance to the body. The endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive and central nervous system all benefit from this completely non-toxic phytonutrient.  Red Reishi mushroom contains a sugar called beta-glucans that can act as a precursor to hormones in the body, and fight cancers, tumors, and allergic reactions.

Red Reishi Mushroom is considered an adaptogen- herb, which helps us deal with the negative effects of stress, including depleted energy levels.

The mind, body, spirit modulations we encounter during times of stress lead to a multitude of health issues. According to Ayurveda, all illness begins in the ethereal body, and works its way through the physical body. Red Reishi Mushroom can help to combat the illness in the ethereal body, before it begins to exist within the physical body. In the world today, we can choose to help ourselves, we can choose phytonutrients for preventative as well as repairative healing methods for the body.

*note, please consult a medical doctor if any symptoms to any health issues persist.

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June at Gypsy Tribe!

June is full.of amazing things! *Best Friend Month – bring a friend to.Yoga for free and Aerial.class for $25. *June 10 – Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing – 7 PM- 8:30 PM
* June 24 – Sensory Yoga for Kids – NOON *June 28-30 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. Early Bird Pricing before June 14. *Tuesday Aerial Classes are back on at 9:30 AM *JOB PLACEMENT after Aerial TT

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Ask Roe – May Blog Series – Spirit Animals


The Unicorn

May 31, 2018



Unicorn Legend & Folklore

When I first think of The Unicorn I think of the song my grandmother used to sing to a music box. I don’t remember any words, other than “Don’t Forget the Unicorn”, and I can still hear the tune. The Legend is that Noah, as he was setting sail on the Ark, forgot the Unicorns and let them perish in the Great Flood. That thought always made me so sad; because of one mistake, these magnificent creatures are no longer a part of our world.

It is said that the Unicorn went on to live in another Realm, but would appear in times of crisis and banish all evil. The Horn of the Unicorn is said to have healing properties. This sparked legendary hunts for the Unicorn, especially during the Dark Ages, with the outbreak of the Black Plague.

The Legend of those who hunted the Unicorn, were said to do so because the horn contained a magical element called alicorn’. Which was found in the Unicorn’s Horn. Alicorn was said to neutralize poison, cure the plague,  and purify water.



Fun Fact

Marco Polo thought he had discovered Unicorns and was very disappointed in what he saw.

Quote –

“They have hair like that of a buffalo, feet like those of an elephant, and a horn in the middle of the forehead, which is black and very thick … The head resembles that of a wild boar, and they carry it ever bent towards the ground. They delight much to abide in mire and mud. ‘Tis a passing ugly beast to look upon, and is not in the least like that which our stories tell of as being caught in the lap of a virgin; in fact, ’tis altogether different from what we fancied.”

He actually discovered an Indian species of one horned rhinoceros, called Rhinoceros Unicornis, not a Unicorn, but just as majestic of a creature.


Unicorn Attributes & Odd Facts

Unicorns could only be captured by a maiden (virgin)

The Unicorn walks softly and makes no sound (Chinese Legend)

Unicorn Horns can magically heal (Dark Ages)

Sin-you Unicorns can tell right from wrong, truth from lies (Japanese Legend)

Genghis Khan did not conquer India because a Unicorn bowed to him. He took this as a sign from his father from beyond, not to fight and he turned his army back.


The King James version of the Old Testament contains nine references to unicorns, thanks to a mistranslation of the Hebrew word re’em. The original word was likely the Assyrian rimu (auroch), an extinct species of wild ox.

Scotland’s King James III had coins in the 1400 called the Unicorn and Half-Unicorn.

Ancient Babylon heralded the Unicorn and you can see its image on Ancient Seals.

If you’re looking to hunt a unicorn, but don’t know where to begin, try Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Since 1971, the university has issued permits to unicorn questers. Anyone embarking on such a search is advised to carry a flask of cognac and a pair of pinking shears.


Unicorn in a Reading

When the Unicorn appears in a reading, it is a reminder to indulge in your creativity. Let your imagination run wild with magical artistic expression.


Unicorn as a Spirit Guide

Make all types of creative expression your priority. The Unicorn gently urges you to pursue your dreams, and that you are on the right track to making your artistic dreams a reality. The Unicorn is the magical creature that lives inside you, bringing beauty, love, light, hope and peace to all those it touches.

  1. 1.
    a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
  2. 2.
    a start-up company valued at more than a billion dollars, typically in the software or technology sector.



DIY Yoga Bolsters

At Gypsy Tribe Westchester, Aerial Arts & Yoga Studio, we strive to be Eco-friendly, and not wasteful. This includes not wasting money.

Yoga equipment, although small, when bought in bulk can be pricey. Since necessity is the mother of all invention, our amazing intern, Kelly Daley has turned everyday household items into Yoga Bolsters. Check out what she did.

What you will Need:

-Makes 6 Bolsters

12 rolls of paper towel

1 roll of duct tape

Needle & Thread

Straight Pins

3 yards of material

Using duct tape, she fastened 2 rolls of paper towel together.

Purchase inexpensive dollar store paper towels, tape and a sewing kit.

Lay out everything on a surface large enough to measure and cut.

Make one template and continue to cut down the 3 yards of fabric, evenly.

This pizza wheel style fabric roller cuts through multiple layers of fabric quickly, evenly and efficiently. Target $9.99

After all is laid out, wrap the paper towels like a gift, and pin the edges into place.

A little tape to guide you.

Add rubber bands to each end to hold the fabric in more securely. Whip stitch tightly to maintain the shape.

A personalized Yoga Bolster to add some character to your studio!

Mind Body Spirit

Healing Fair at Gypsy Tribe Westchester

Gypsy Tribe Westchester


Healing Fair

Sunday June 3, 2018

69 Westchester Ave.

Pound Ridge, NY 10576

  1. 1.
  2. the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
  3. “the gift of healing”


  1. 1.
  2. tending to heal; therapeutic.
  3. “a healing experience”
  1. synonyms:
  • alleviate, ease, assuage, palliate, relieve, help, lessen, mitigate, attenuate, allay
  • “time will heal the pain of grief”

Tarot, Reiki, Ayurvedic Vibrational Healing and Group Meditation 1-4 pm.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Restorative Yoga 5-6:30 pm

Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) is a natural stress reduction and relaxation technique developed in Japan around the early 1900s. Its principles reach back to ancient Tibet, where the powerful knowledge of channeling a higher order of life-sustaining energy originated. The word Reiki translates literally to “Universal Life Force Energy” and the practice is embraced across the world today. Widely accepted as an effective holistic healing modality, Reiki is used in hospitals, cancer treatment facilities, hospices, spas and wellness centers throughout the United States and abroad.

Ayurvedic Vibrational Healing

This 5000 year old method of aligning the Chakras, isn’t often found in the Northeast. With its roots in Jyotish, better known as Vedic Astrology, Vibrational Healing uses an OM or Vibrational Tuning Fork, to align the Chakras through the power of Gemstones. The Vibrations already ingrained in the body are awakened by the subtle energy channels of the proper gemstone being in the proper place, while you are taken into deep relaxation. Each client has a different experience, and each experience leaves you feeling like your soul is renewed.

Group Meditation


The Body Talks & Meditation Helps”


Meditation helps us center ourselves. Often we are told to find a quiet place to sit, and meditate in a peaceful place. But let’s be real, that doesn’t exist most times, most days. Group Meditation with Trish will give you tools to meditate and re-center yourself in many situations.

Tarot Readings

The Ancient and Mystical Tarot Cards are just as esoteric as the Tarot Readers themselves. Tarot dates back to Ancient Egypt, and are said to be the Lost Book of Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian Scribe.
Enjoy a Tarot Reading and gain insight into some of life’s mysteries.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Restorative Yoga

GTW Tibetan Bowl

Everything in the universe has a personal vibration. Day-to-day stress, anxiety, noise pollution, exposure to toxins, etc. alter those vibrational frequencies, causing imbalance, tension & energy blocks in the body. The Tibetan Sound Healing bowls are specifically tuned to use healthy vibrations to flush out toxins and blockages, releasing tensions and restoring the natural flow of energy throughout the body.

While enjoying the healing sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, you will experience deep relaxation and a profound sense of peaceful wellbeing. Sound healing retunes and rebalances your body’s energies, stimulating its innate self-healing abilities.

Combined with a Slow Flow Restorative Yoga, This 90 minute class will take you to to a place of complete inner peace.


Healing Fair – $50 per person if purchased online and $60 at the door. Appointments are booked in advance and walk ins are on a first come first serve basis. Sign up ahead to hold your place.
Tibetan Singing Bowl Restorative Yoga – only has 16 spaces available. Pre registration is a must. This class is $35 and $45 at the door, if there is still space.
For more information, contact

Mind Body Spirit

Ask Roe Blog Series – Spirit Animals


May 24, 2018


Pueo (Hawaiian Owl)

Pueo Owl Legend & Folklore

The Protector

Owls have always played an important role in Legend. In Hawaiian Legend, the Pueo is sacred. Owls are associated with night, wisdom and knowledge. ‘The Bringer’ of good fortune, the Pueo Owl was native to Hawaii, even before the arrival of the first Polynesians. Naturally the bird was placed under high esteem.

The Pueo  Owl is one of more famous of the various physical forms assumed by ʻaumākua (ancestor spirits) in Hawaiian culture.


ʻaumakua (/aʊˈmɑːkuːə/; often spelled aumakua) according to Hawaiian Mythology is a close, intimate family god who is considered to be a deified ancestor.

Aumakua can manifest in many forms, most often as a shark or an owl. They are said to dwell on rocks, and their appearance was to be considered an omen, for both good and bad situations. Aumakua are known to intervene and save their descendants from harm.

Aumakua Manifestations:

* Pueo Owl


*Sea Turtle


*Monarch Butterfly











This is a gentle reminder to respect all life on Earth, and that each physical representation of our planet, whether animate or inanimate has consciousness.

Hawaiian Spirit Elders can manifest in both the Physical and Spiritual Realms; depending on the work they need to do here on Earth, can either be permitted to remain in the Spirit Realm or return to a manifestation of a physical form.



Truth Seeing




Ancient Wisdom

Power of Silence

Attention to Detail

Seeing the Big Picture


As a Spirit Animal (general)

The Owl gives you “New Eyes” with which to see your current situation, and how to decipher the symbols to lead the way. The Owl invites you to settle in and refocus. Seeing the details as well as the big picture. An Owl Spirit Guide can help you hear the true meaning of what is being said, rather than let emotion take over, to where the big picture gets lost within the emotion. Call upon Owl Energy to give you discretion.

Owl as a Totem Animal (general)

The Owl helps you connect with The Yin of The Universe. You notice your connection with the Lunar Cycles growing stronger. This energy calls for you to embrace your Inner Goddess, (which is connected to the Moon), inviting you to take a moment to listen to your inner voice. The Owl as a Totem Animal reminds you that your knowledge is enough.

Owl in a Reading (Pueo)

Your ancestral Spirit Guides are offering you guidance now. Pay close attention to signs and omens coming from them.


Lilith – Empowerment

The Ancient Sumerian Goddess Lilith, whose name means Screech Owl, was the first wife of the Biblical Adam. She was cast out of the Garden of Eden by God, for refusing to be submissive to Adam, as she felt she was his equal. She was demonized, and Eve was patronized as the woman made from the rib of the man, living together happily until they ate from the tree of knowledge.

She is a powerful and controversial Goddess who chose independence over submission and allied herself in the Spirit and Animal Realm. She is the Guardian and Protector of all things in Nature. Lilith defies any form of male control. She had been demonized and depicted with claws, when she really should be associated with the Winged-Serpent, and Feminine Divine Energy.

Lilith appears when you need to focus your energy in order to stand up for yourself. She  reminds you to stand by your position, no matter how unpopular it may be, and to act as your own authority.

Owl Power

Be Free in your Uniqueness, independent, empowered, liberated; keep your individuality, equality, original, non-conforming, confident, feminine, free, inclusive, revolutionary self separate form those who wish to bring you harm.

The Pueo Owl helps you open doors to Ancestral knowledge and power, and helps you find doorways to hidden realms. In the quiet of night, The Owl brings solace with its Divine voice becoming more clear. Listen as The Pueo Owl speaks to you.


Mind Body Spirit

GTW Aerial Yoga Training


June 28-30, 2018


Gypsy Tribe Westchester

69 Westchester Ave.

Pound Ridge, NY 10576


Thursday June 28, 2pm -10 pm

Friday June 29, 5 pm – 10 pm

Saturday June 30, 5pm – 10 pm


Elin Waterston  – Founder Luna Aerial™ELIN Training PIC

Level 1 Aerial Yoga / Hammock Fitness Teacher Training


Would you like to learn how to take your yoga or fitness practice literally off the ground? Join us for an intensive Aerial Yoga / Hammock Fitness Teacher Training.


This training will introduce you to skills and provide you with information required to offer aerial yoga / hammock fitness classes.


At this training you will learn

the benefits of aerial yoga / hammock fitness

beginning level aerial yoga techniques and postures, including wraps and holds, warm-up exercises, strength and stretch exercises, beginner level tricks, flips, inversions and cool-down exercises

how to design a class flow

how to cue aerial poses

adjustments and spotting techniques

hammock and rigging safety

You will have the opportunity to experience class both as a student and as an instructor – leading your fellow students through an aerial sequence.


While this course is specifically geared toward certified yoga or fitness professionals, we welcome non-professionals and fitness enthusiasts with a strong commitment to deepening their practice and broadening their horizon.


Thursday June 28, 2pm -10 pm

Friday June 29, 5 pm – 10 pm

Saturday June 30, 5pm – 10 pm


*Please wear comfortable clothing

*Be ready to move

*Bring notebook and pen

*Be prepared to learn

*Bring water & light snacks

*Bring Yoga Mat

*Bring socks & and a sweatshirt


Early Bird: $450 – thru 6/14

$500 – 6/15 – 6/28



Gypsy Tribe Westchester

69 Westchester Ave.

Pound Ridge, NY 10576