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September 6, 2018 Turning Things Around Ending Bad Situations by Manifesting The Truth Reality is not an illusion, but the illusion of reality is real. What do I mean by this? What we surround ourselves with, becomes our reality. Reality and truth, in turn, can only be truly judged, when not only our 5 sensesContinue reading “Ask Roe About Life Blog”


Ask Roe June Blog Series – Phytonutrients

june 14, 2018 Machta Powder Power Machta Machta is very popular in the US.  Made into powder form, it is used in a variety of different ways. Traditionally steeped into tea; with Origins in China and the more associated Japan, this superfood has been making people healthy for thousands of years. *In China during theContinue reading “Ask Roe June Blog Series – Phytonutrients”

Ask Roe – May Blog Series – Spirit Animals

  The Unicorn May 31, 2018   Unicorn Legend & Folklore When I first think of The Unicorn I think of the song my grandmother used to sing to a music box. I don’t remember any words, other than “Don’t Forget the Unicorn”, and I can still hear the tune. The Legend is that Noah,Continue reading “Ask Roe – May Blog Series – Spirit Animals”