Tarot Tuesday – Earth Healing

The World is on Fire! Literally and figuratively. Energies, both positive and negative have a direct effect on the surrounding environment. Remember, Mother Earth isn’t fragile like a flower, she’s fragile like a bomb…


Cleromancy – Tarot Tuesday

Cleromancy is Divination in the form of Casting Lots. Much like rolling dice, patterns specific to the energy you emit, will give answers. Ever see a ‘lucky shooter’ at the Craps Table? That’s Divine Energy Baby! I’ve cast three lots of stones. The higher amount of dark or light stones will give you your answer.Continue reading “Cleromancy – Tarot Tuesday”

Signs Along Your Path

How do we follow the signs when they aren’t as bright as the Yellow Brick Road? The hint: a bunch of feathers and coins won’t make you a trail, but they will mark an X.  It’s not the signs alone, but the circumstances that give the sign significance.  RCS Look – at the objects in the vicinityContinue reading “Signs Along Your Path”