Introduction to Ayurveda with a Western Twist

Ayurveda, known as the Science of Life, is a 5000-year-old method of healing using the body as the healing vessel. To blend this Eastern philosophy with Western life, the Chakra Booster Program was born. Chakra Booster is a weight management, mind, body spirit program to gain and maintain optimal health and can fit in with any lifestyle.Continue reading “Introduction to Ayurveda with a Western Twist”


Yoga Benefits Everything

Ask Roe About Life Spiritual Advice June 2019 Yoga is Science “The practice and study of Yoga should include immersion and study of the entirety of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.” RCS In Western Culture, ‘Yoga’ is defined as what we do for 75 minutes on our sticky mat. In reality, (and Sanskrit) those posesContinue reading “Yoga Benefits Everything”

Anxiety, Anorexia & Ayurveda

  In the past, I didnโ€™t notice how sick I was, but years of working in the health and wellness industry and educating myself has helped. When I noticed how badly my muscles were shaking and I realized I was starving to death. What helped me hang on this long and kept me going thisContinue reading “Anxiety, Anorexia & Ayurveda”