Green Tara – Bodhisattva

Buddhist Goddess Tara is a Bodhisattva, or Female Buddha. Tara is considered the “mother of liberation”. She is associated with Yoga and the Dakinis, or Skydancers. Tara is classified into different vibrational colors and forms. White – purity, grace, power, wisdom. Red – magnetizing desires. Blue – spiritual awakening. Yellow – increase wealth. Green –Continue reading “Green Tara – Bodhisattva”


Tarot Tuesday πŸ’š Anahata

The three parts of the Heart and the Gemstones that will help you heal. Never give up the LOVE. A quick reading from my hotel in NYC, I hope you enjoy it! Ask Roe About Life on IGTV Happy Tarot Tuesday 🧿

Heart Chakra – Anahata

Anahata – The Heart (4th) Chakra – “Unhurt: Unstruck: Unbeaten” The Sound of the Celestial Realm Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound. Anahata is associated with balance, calmness, and serenity.  Defined by the color Green, but also many shades of pinks, Anahata is the Chakra we most recognize and tend to.Continue reading “Heart Chakra – Anahata”