The Mind is Mightier than Any Weapon

  How to Work Smarter, Not Harder We all run into situations that knock the life out of us. Things we get so emotionally involved with, that we don’t realize we have all the tools we need to take back our power. Over the years, I’ve had my share of intense situations, and lately, I’veContinue reading “The Mind is Mightier than Any Weapon”


Aerial Yoga Classes Are Swinging!

I’m often blogging recipes, or facts about Spirit Animals. Today is all about Aerial Yoga. This amazingly frighteningly fun way to workout. Yes, I said frightening, because I know how scary and “dangerous” it can look, especially when you watch what the Kids; The Gypsy Tribe Dakini’s, in the Aerial Architecture©™ classes are doing. What theyContinue reading “Aerial Yoga Classes Are Swinging!”

Ask Roe About Life Blog

September 6, 2018 Turning Things Around Ending Bad Situations by Manifesting The Truth Reality is not an illusion, but the illusion of reality is real. What do I mean by this? What we surround ourselves with, becomes our reality. Reality and truth, in turn, can only be truly judged, when not only our 5 sensesContinue reading “Ask Roe About Life Blog”