Fight The Anxiety

When experiencing trauma, our cortisol raises, as well as our adrenaline, and we become physiologically addicted to the trauma (trauma bonding also known as Stockholm Syndrome) because our pre-frontal cortex shuts down, our amygdala goes into overdrive and our hippocampus loses memory. I honestly do not remember much of 2019.


Mental Health Awareness

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. With Complex-PTSD, some moments are great, and some moments are not. It’s up to me to learn my triggers, and recognize when to step away from falling down that rabbit hole. It is my responsibility to BE my Yoga Practice now. Yoga allows the Sacred into all the SpaceContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness”

πŸ’Œ A Favor To Ask πŸ’Œ

Hello All! I have a favor to ask. I’m not the best at asking for help, but this is important to me. As the survivor of multiple sex-crimes, some more significant than others, the one thing I’ve always encountered is a wall with protection and victims’ rights. Currently, I am unable to get the womanContinue reading “πŸ’Œ A Favor To Ask πŸ’Œ”