☀Solar Eclipse Tarot Tuesday🔮

Today’s Deck is Healing with the Angels. I’ve chosen 3 stones that are lesser known, but very powerful healing stones. I’ve also paired this reading with Ganesha who is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles, the Patron of Arts and Sciences and the Deva of Intellect and Wisdom. As the god of beginnings, heContinue reading “☀Solar Eclipse Tarot Tuesday🔮”


Love Your Look

Ask Roe About LifeSpiritual Advice & Blog May 31, 2019 How Our Look Can Affect Our Outlook Healing can begin with different kinds of self-care, like glamourizing and transporting yourself back in time to lift your spirits. Visual Therapy is very effective in lifting our moods, even more so when we become our own vision.Continue reading “Love Your Look”

 Fibro Aerialist  

Ask Roe About Life Blog November, 27 2018 One of the most difficult things, aside from running a small business alone; is being the brand itself. My brand mixes wisdom, nerdy anatomy and pain management through movement and proper dietary needs (when I can manage to eat). When you have uncontrollable pain and discomfort, theContinue reading ” Fibro Aerialist  “