May Classes

May is full of great classes! Stop by and see us anytime! Advertisements


Family Yoga Thursday’s at Gypsy Tribe

There are 2 chances to practice Family Yoga on Thursday’s at 4 & 5. Family yoga is a class designed for all ages, and anyone is welcome. This is a $10 Class where kids and adults flow together. 4 pm early bird and 5 pm late early bird, so you can get home early. CheckContinue reading “Family Yoga Thursday’s at Gypsy Tribe”

Abundance and Archetypes

ASK ROE Gypsy Tribe Westchester NEWSLETTER March 29, 2018 Since the beginning of human civilization, all stories have been based in archetypes. To tell stories that impact the mind of customers, brand storytellers introduce the role of archetypes. Why Archetypes? Because Archetypes are universal  tools used to create everything we love and know. Archetypes createContinue reading “Abundance and Archetypes”