“The things you hit were scary accurate.”  – Vedic Astrology Client

“Thank you Roe!! This was extremely helpful.  I’m looking forward to getting balanced out.” – Vedic Astrology & Spiritual Advice Client

“This has been very enlightening.”- TS

“Had the most amazing Love & relationship reading last night, it was so on point to everything going on in my life and it gave me such clarity and clear picture of my next move in my life I highly recommend getting a reading from Roe she is absolutely amazing.”

-gc – Spiritual Advice client

You are spot on with my job stuff! –

TC – Instagram Free Tarot Reading client 

Hey the cards were right just wanted to tell you that crazy! lol –  so just to tell you that you’re good and it was true lol! –

AM – Psychic Reading client 

“This feels good, even for my head” – Aerial Yoga Student

“Can Someone stop me from swinging?” – Aerialist