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Roseanne is a Spiritual Advisor, Gifted Card Reader, Medium and Interpreter who has studied Divination in many forms. Through a unique blend of Vedic Astrology, Gemstone Energy and Cards; Yoga, Breathing and Meditation techniques your reading will be comprehensive, insightful, and will help you on your path to self healing.

I view your reading as a map to your current situation, and help you decide which path will suit you best. With the help of these Ancient Tools, this reading is a new and enlightening experience to guide you through life.

Ananda Ashram, Monroe, NY 2015
Pulse Reading with Dr. Vasant Lad

Tarot Tuesdays and Dharma Talks on my IGTV Channel.

Vedic Astrology Charts and Readings. Each reading includes cards and gemstones to help you visualize healing within yourself. Instructions for Meditation, Visualization, and Aromatherapy, along with Yoga and Breathing exercises, we come up with a Self-Help plan for you to feel confident, Mind Body and Spirit.

*Note: Vedic Birth Charts are day/mo/year.


Zoom Mediation Class – $10

Zoom Yoga or Pilates Class – $12

I Hour Remote Reading – $45

Remote Quickie 30 Minute Chats – $25

Basic Vedic Birth Chart – $50

Full Spectrum Reading with Vedic Birth Chart – $75, includes 30 minute reading based on chart.

Readings are done via video chat or phone, and are ended at allotted time. Going over your time will result in a $30 charge due to the next client’s lost time.

Basic Vedic Charts include:

Personal Fast Day

Lucky Day

Lucky Gemstone

Full Spectrum Vedic Charts include:

Live Reading

Personal Fast Day

Lucky Day

Lucky Gemstone



Haindl Tarot

Thoth Tarot

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling

Faery Oracle

Path of the Soul


Goddess Realm

Faery Oracle

Path of the Soul

Animal Spirit Guides

Daily Guidance from Angels

Healing with the Angels

Archangel Oracle Cards

May of 2017 @theayurvedicinstitute for an amazing weekend course entitled: Vibrations of Light: Using Gemstones and Crystals for Healing & Protection. 
This was an incredible weekend of learning, and experiencing New Mexico, another place that has stolen a piece of my heart. The Land Of Enchantment. 
Using Vedic Astrology and Gemstones, Yoga, and Meditation my Chakra Booster Program is sure to get you aligned and feeling good. 

Contact to book your online reading. In person readings and parties available upon request.

*None of my information or guidance is, or should be put in place of medical advice or treatment; both physical and mental. If you feel  you are in need of medical assistance, please contact your doctor or 911.


If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


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