Etiquette & Ethics

The following guidelines have been put in place to protect my energy and personal space.

  1. Contact me via the email provided on the website, and between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm only. Any attempts to contact me during resting hours will go unanswered. There is no such thing as a psychic emergency, please call your healthcare provider, 911, or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you feel you need assistance. Psychic Mediums and Tarot Card Readers are not doctors and have no business assisting you in that way. Please be responsible with your life choices when contacting a Spiritual Advisor.
  2. No Multiple Readings! Multiple readings are those who want advice several times a month, or even several times a week. This is a bad thing, and a client can become obsessed with their life being contingent upon what cards say. The cards are a road map to your current situation. My interpretation and guidance are here for a boost in a positive direction. I do not take clients more than twice a month, and I reserve the right to refuse to read you if I think it won’t be helpful.
  3. No same day communication. Please book an appointment in advance, for reference read #2.
  4. No Private Communication. Contact in between readings with little “harmless” questions about personal issues is not permitted, via email or text. This will result in additional charges of $200, and you will be banned from contacting me. My off time is personal and my energy cannot be used outside of my very involved preparation for readings.
  5. No TMI! Please do not provide me with vivid descriptions of personal pleasures, both sexual and non-sexual. That’s harassment.
  6. I do not read other people i.e.: former significant others, anything about their new love interest or their friends and families. This is an intrusion into another person’s energy, and it is something I find unethical. It is outside of my comfort zone to do so. If an energy is strong enough to come through in your reading, it is because the message needs to be heard.
  7. I do not give advice on shopping, spending money, clothing, tattoos…
  8. If I give you a prediction, it is to prepare you to handle it with grace. Don’t brush it off.
  9. Your Reading is about Self-Healing with the use of Cards, Yoga, Pranayama, Vedic Astrology and Meditation tips, please use these tools to strengthen you resolve.
  10. Sessions will begin and end on time and not exceed 60 minutes. There is a $30 charge for going over your allotted time.
  11. I give a Spiritual Boost. I’m not a problem solver and I can’t hold your hand through your crisis. I’m simply a woman with a gift who has overcome my own fears and anxieties and am happy to show you a great way to help yourself.

Thank you for your support as I keep my space clear, and my business ethical.


There’s an update to my website – Etiquette and Ethics. I’ve been reading for many years, and my oldest friends have always had the respect of not contacting me for spiritual advice for little things, day after day. Recently I’ve had to cut a few clients off for pushing boundaries, who used the excuse “you’re like a friend”. But I’m not. I’m a stranger who reads Tarot Cards, and I can’t help you with every relationship in your life. My job, as I see it, is to give you the best relationship possible with yourself. Teachers of any kind, the best teachers, in my opinion, give you the tools to succeed. If you want answers written in the stars, positive advice for self-love and how to balance yourself in this insane world, I’m your gal. If you want to pay someone to listen to you, then take like a week to actually make a payment, this isn’t going to work. 
I’m just as human as you, the only difference is, I know my crap and I work on it, and I don’t take advantage of others, because my job is to bring healing to the world.

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