Visual Meditation Art

Visual Meditation Art by Roe is a form of Visual Self Healing, created by strokes and colors to bring you into a state of mindfulness and meditation.
By giving me your concerns, I create a specific piece for you, to help you gain a new perspective through meditation and self-examination.

With your specific needs in mind, we communicate either via reading or email if you prefer to remain a little more anonymous; and I create art based upon your situation that will help you find a relaxed and meditative state. The images and colors chosen are very intimate and will help you explore your life’s journey a bit deeper.

The designs assist in bringing you into a meditative state where you can begin to help yourself relax and let go of depressions and anxieties for a time.

The longer you engage with the art, the more time you spend focusing on what is truly important – you.

Each piece in commissioned with your specific needs in mind.

Commissions begin at $45